Vera Smiley


I now call Austin, TX home.

When anyone asks me where I’m from, it’s hard to answer, I am Russian by birth, but I never lived in Russia; I grew up in Kazakhstan; I later lived in Latin America and at the same time I was a citizen of the United States. 

As my life transformed completely, the purpose of my art has changed over the years. I no longer wanted to surprise people or prove my eccentricity. I want to find something that unites all people around the world. I have decided to devote myself to what I call "Connection Beyond Words," the universal language of human emotion through sculpture, photography, time and place.


Emotion and body language are subjective expressions of attitudes towards existing or possible situations in the objective world. This is the first language we learn as babies, and it is an important tool to survive in our world. Our ability to learn, speak and read that language gives us the secure feeling that we are not alone and we have a chance to be understood wherever we are in the world. 

I encourage my audience regardless of their origin to think about who we are, what we are, and how we can better connect with each other through better understanding what is valuable in our lives. 


My sculptures are very personal,and I bring my sincerity to encourage first steps toward a “closer” relationship with others. By sharing our feelings and experiences I believe we can come to the realization that we are all in this “big” and “small” world together; we are all connected. 


The exhibit runs from November 26, 2018 through January 06, 2019. 

Opening and exhibition details here.