Macaron or Macaroon?


If you google "macaron vs. macaroon", you will find hundreds of explanations. French Macaron is not macaroon: come and try it, you’ll love it! 

Artisan Product

Given the delicacy of the macarons, only artisans produce them. It is possible to mechanically dose the shells for a perfectly consistent size. But this is hardly 5% of the total labor: it remains a genuine and complex product. 

What is the Recipe ?

Almond, sugar, egg white, plus the yummy filling. The secret is mastering precise timing, precise room temperature and humidity for the various steps of the whole process. 

About Us

It's Really Us

We are a couple who has travelled the world extensively and loves to taste the culinary delights of every country. Moreover, we are macarons, chocolate and champagne addicts. We have been in Austin since Nov. 2016 establishing the base for our business. Our long term goal is bringing high-end European style fine treats to Austin, to Texas, and to the United States. 

3.5 years sailing around the world

Prior to our Austin venture, we completed a 3.5-year sailing around the world on our boat with our children. At some point of time, we decided it was time to teach them other values than pure family bonding, and show them the value of hard work, of uncompromising attention to details, and of dedicated personal service.

Being away from everything

Brings you closer to the essentials. No utility bill, no rent, no car. Still you have to bake your bread, catch fish to feed your kids, make yogurts and learn how to open coconuts. 

Champagne or Champagne?

champagne from Champagne

Champagne (capital C) is a region North East of France where the champagne (small c) is produced.

"Le" champagne or "la" Champagne

Both are correct. In French, we say "Le champagne" for the sparkling wine and "la Champagne" for the region. 

What is a Crémant de Champagne?

A "crémant" is a less elaborate sparkling wine. The "crémant" can come from the region Champagne or from elsewhere, eg. Bourgogne, Alsace,...

120 bottles of champagne

We left Europe with 120 bottles

We left Europe on a 45' catamaran, with 120 bottles of champagne in our hulls, and a few other good products too. We thought that we could do some business by serving true champagne on some...

..remote Caribbean islands... sailors like us. We were worried though. Would the champagne tolerate the Atlantic swell and the heat of the tropical seas? We didn't take into consideration our own consumption, and we preferred drinking them with friends.


A few bottles survived another ocean passage, and a total of 18 months in the hulls surprisingly well. We drank the last one in Bora-Bora.

Café or caffè

Café in French

In French, it is "café" for both the drink (the coffee) and the place serving the coffee (the coffee shop). The same is true in Italian, except it is "caffè".

Espresso or expresso

In France, you will ask for "un café serré" or "un express" if you want an espresso. Expresso (with "x") is wrong. 

Un noisette or une noisette

"Un noisette" is a small coffee with a drop of milk. "Une noisette" is a hazelnut. 


How many stores do you have?

For now, only one. This is a family owned local business. 

Why Austin?

If you are local, you know why. If not, come over and check it out.

Where do your products come from?

Some are made in Austin, some others come from various artisans in the United States. We import directly some rarities weekly from Europe. 

Do you serve food?

We serve coffee, champagne and more with a few selected items for on-site consumption as well. 

Are you French?

We are proud to be French! We spent our lives switching between France, Germany, Switzerland, as well as Spain, Italy and a few other countries. France however,  is our home base.

Do you speak French?

Bien sûr! French is our mother tongue. Come to the shop, you'll get free French lessons.