Lieve Saether - Painter


Lieve Saether has created a beautiful series of paintings that are on exhibition at PARIS IN A BITE.

Focused on the theme of expression, her series called COUNTENANCE is on display during the month of October 2018.

"This series is meant to take the viewer back to the basics of joy; the core of pleasure – and the opportunity to enjoy the tactile materials used. These materials, in combination with our emotions, evoke a direct connection to what we as people experience as palpable – in other words – a positively expressive outcome." - Lieve Saether


Lieve Saether is an award-winning interior designer with a varied background built in the fine and decorative arts. Having found early influences primarily in graphic arts and painting, she was encouraged and compelled to further develop her practice upon the reception of a number of young artist awards. An art student at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, she grew up between Europe and the United States, truly integrating herself in multiple cultures. From residencies in the restoration of beaux arts paintings and the production of her own decorative arts and painting work, her current work seeks to understand both the origins of a piece as well as the boundaries it can be pushed toward. She presently brings her artistic nature in all its forms to a home, as the owner and founder of, Turnstyle Design, an Austin-based interior design firm, as well as through her creation of abstract works, using a variety of diverse materials and textures. With her series COUNTENANCE, she continues to explore her interest in how materials can influence each other, working together to create an alchemy in their richness of touch, feel and expression into our associations with them. 


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The exhibit runs from October 1st, 2018 through October 28th, 2018.