Jason Brooks - Paintings


Jason Brooks (b. 1972) is an Austin Texas-based artist who has been working professionally as an accomplished tattoo artist since 1992. Throughout his career, Brooks has been recognized internationally for his unique style of contemporary tattooing. In 2011, he became one of the only living tattoo artists to have a solo museum exhibition, held at the Dallas Contemporary. Since 2011, He has shifted his focus and amassed a prolific and idiosyncratic body of work. Brooks' paintings bring elements of the natural world in sync with capacities of the human mind. 


These may be through the use of perceptual anomalies, figurative mannerisms, or misplaced archetypes. Like a filmic still from the imagination, the work often presents a sense of isolation, unrest, or a paradoxical situation with no legible resolution. Many of the works are a found image through the excavation of paint. 

 Jason's website:  jasonbrooksstudio.com