Eliana Bernard - Ceramics


You know her!

You know Eliana for our coffee sets. You have been drinking coffee from her cups since the day we opened. We are proud and pleased to host a temporary pop-up store of her creations until Christmas. 


Eliana Bernard is a ceramic artist based in Austin, Texas. She makes marbled porcelain dinnerware, jewelry and decor. Everything in the collection is designed and made in her studio at Springdale General. Her current collection, The Marbled Collection, features pieces that have been marbled with different colored slip to create striking patterns that are both beautiful and functional.  


Every item in the collection is marbled by hand, making it truly one of a kind. She believes that the objects we bring to the table and home are important. That's why she takes the time and cares to create pieces that will make mealtimes more special, gatherings more meaningful and the home more beautiful, in hopes that you will enjoy each item as much as she enjoys making them.