Aram Amini


Born in Montreal, raised in New York and currently based in Austin, Texas, Aram has had a passion for art as far back as she can remember. Her father, a jewelry designer, always encouraged her to delve into her artistic side and she now collaborates with him by featuring his jewelry in her newest collection. Her largest form of inspiration comes from design & fashion, including anything from fabrics and textiles to runway shows and magazines.


She's constantly exploring new styles and mediums, including high flow acrylics, oil paints, and resin on canvas. "Most artists have a style or brand, but I find it hard to stick to one thing. I love trying out new techniques and starting a completely new look with each collection. I also tend to get lost exploring other peoples works, both established and emerging, reading about their stories, looking at their studios and picturing how they work in that space. I take a little piece of every artist I study with me, and try to bring it into my own work, in my own way." 

Aram is exhibiting with PARIS IN A BITE from July 9. to August 12. 2018. Visit her website: